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The Workouts Are Intense, The Techniques Are Backed By Real Research, And Best Of All, You Get To Pig Out Every 6th Day Eating The Foods You Love, Guaranteed!

I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion"

- Muhammad Ali

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Did you know low-fat diets can make you fatter? FREE chapter reveals 11 other fitness lies that are keeping you from having the body you deserve!

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Steven Sugrim Men's National Gymnastics Coach, Level 3

    "I have been using what I’ve learned in the book for the past 3 weeks now and without a doubt… I have reached a whole new level in muscular strength and definition"

  • avatar Kris R. Recovery Specialst, SelfRecoveryNow.com

    "One of the reasons he’s one of my favorite writers is his frank and direct advice. He doesn’t sugar coat or waste time, he gets right to the point."

  • avatar Dick Talens Co-Founder of Fitocracy.com

    "Quit relying on broscience, myths, and programs that have you panting hard while leaving you flabby still. FJ will get you in the best shape of your life while you actually have fun in the process."

Download Free Chapter

Did you know low-fat diets can make you fatter? FREE chapter reveals 11 other fitness lies that are keeping you from having the body you deserve!

More About The Book


Let’s be honest, most fitness books are bland, boring and about as interesting as a listening to a stamp collector. Terms like "insulin sensitivity," "lipolysis," and "periodization" are enough to make you want to hang yourself off an elliptical. Flawless Fitness 2 on the other hand, shatters the status quo by using humor, wit and sarcasm (tools we use when telling exciting stories anyways) to explain battle-tested, scientifically sound fitness techniques to help you achieve a physique that will get more likes on facebook than a Cat meme.

Have You Made These 3 Dieting Mistakes?

  1. Avoiding Junk Food: It might counter-intuitive, but giving up foods like ice cream, chips and cookies almost guarantees that you'll never achieve long term fat loss. Why? There are two simple reasons: First, eating clean 100% of the time requires willpower, and science has shown willpower is a finite resource. Once it has been spent, you'll relapse and reach for that jelly donut (also known as yo-yo dieting). Second, when you eat "boring" foods and deprive your body of calories for too long, your level of leptin (a hormone) drops, and fat loss eventually comes to a halt. When leptin is low, no amount of "cardio" will help. In fact, keep it up and you might end up damaging your metabolism! So instead, I'll show you how to constantly shrink that waistline without having to give up the foods you love. Guaranteed.
  2. Doing The Wrong Workouts: Did you know that to achieve a body fat level of 7% I did only 20 minutes of cardio per week? (That's if you call beach volleyball with a bunch of bikini babes cardio - I personally don't). The rest of the time was spent using simple free weights with workouts designed to bust my ass, and more importantly, give me the best bang for buck. No treadmills, ellipticals, fancy machines or stupid Bosu balls. And if you think I'm an exception, you should talk to the hundreds of clients I've consulted over the past few years. It's time to work SMART AND HARD; I'll show you how.
  3. Using The Wrong Supplements: Let's not beat around the bush, there's a very good reason that pro bodybuilders use steroids to build muscle and burn fat - they work better than anything else out there. However, we all know steroids carry with them major risks. So why bother becoming lean and ripped just to put your health at risk? In Flawless Fitness 2, you'll learn about supplements that will not only turbo-charge your fat loss, but are natural, safe and legal.

Available As Ebook or Paperback

About The Author

Unlike most fitness authors that hardly look the part, the man you see on the left, is the man that wrote the book. He is a National deadlift record-holder, a Certified Level 2 Gymnastics Coach, Nutritional consultant to powerlifters, and manages to keep his body at 7-9% body fat year-round.

From him you'll get two things, and two things only: The right advice, and tough love. Because of his blunt and straight-forward nature, he came to be simply known as The FitJerk. Today, over 30,000 people follow his NO-BS advice.

So if you’ve ever had issues in the past with motivation, self-confidence, or just sticking to a diet and workout plan, then prepare for an experience you’ll never forget. He's already turned countless boys into men, women into goddesses and lame excuses into results. Now it's your turn.

“Most of the fitness industry has this shit backwards. What we SHOULD be doing is high frequency training, and low frequency eating.”
- The FitJerk (Tweet This Quote)

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Did you know low-fat diets can make you fatter? FREE chapter reveals 11 other fitness lies that are keeping you from having the body you deserve!

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